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I bought my Maverick 88 Security Model about 5 months ago. It's been a nice gun to shoot. No problems whatsoever. It's an economic Mossberg that's worth the money! I just put on a Hogue tamer pistol grip and planning on doing more upgrades shortly. Not planning to hunt with this one. It's my home defense weapon.
I was looking for a home defense rifle. I went to to look for a version of an A-15. I was not available but I plan to go back and keep checking to see if another one becomes available. I think this site is a great asset.
I have used to buy both firearms and ammo. All experiences were great and shipping was fast. I will be using for many years to come. Thanks!
I love because they have everything firearms-related that I could ever want. The site is easy to navigate, and the amount of firearm supplies is almost unlimited, and the prices are usually reasonable for the sellers.
The product selection is phenomenal. I have made many purchases, with many online providers, but none compare to This is my “go-to” site for all of my gun, ammo, and weapon accessories.
Guns were never my thing before, but they are now. I have acquired a safe mindset, knowledge, and a foundation for shooting. Now I am gaining the knowledge for exactly what is best for me to purchase my first gun on
I wanted to get something for home protection and I got a great deal on my first ever pistol, the GLOCK 19. It has the best features for what I required for my home. An ideal pistol for all situations.
I never thought I’d ever want or need a gun in my home but the world has gone mad and I don’t feel safe. I had to educate myself about guns. The NRA was my first stop. But I also found a wealth of information on
I fear I am becoming seriously addicted to this site. Yes, I’m an avid hunter. Yes, I own a gun for self-defense. And yes I am a gun collector as well. I have been adding to my collection at a rate that is probably higher than it should be because I can’t stay off! Just added a sweet Colt to my collection.
The has been my source for buying ever since I discovered it but lately, I have taken more time to just read and absorb the wealth of information available on it. So an online source to purchase when I want to, sell when I need to, and learn more about my passion has me visiting quite often (more than my spouse would like me to!)
It was an exciting auction but I got my Savage Model Mark II F .22LR and I will be ready for hunting season. In the meantime, I can get in a little target practice before then.
One of the things that I appreciate about is their online support. Before you porches you can learn exactly how the site works and the rules about how to buy.
Always good prices compared to other online retailers. One of the only sites that use a layaway plan as well which is great. Overall buds will always be the first site a check when looking for a firearm.``
Just purchased 4 x Mec-Gar MGPT9215 Magazine for Taurus PT92/99 9mm Blued and received them in 5 days through FedEx. All in good condition. I will give them 5-star for now. Have not yet used their customer services for any issues. Will update my rating until then.
I got my black powder pistol from here. It was a .44 cap and ball. Very respectful company and wonderful in every aspect of my ordering process.
As a former Federal LE Agent, this is my go-to place for firearms and firearm-related supplies. Discount Firearms Dealer provides super fast shipping and very detailed customer care
As one who is always changing things up, needing to have the best, newest, etc., I find myself buying a lot. I am thrilled with the consistent availability here and the prices I get from my sales.
I first discovered the site organically when I was Googling around just based on my interest in guns. That first time I was transfixed for hours just learning and getting information on them. Fast forward and now that my friends consider me an expert, the site is still my only place to purchase them.
As an avid hunter, this is my easy “one-stop-shop” for everything I need relative to my sport. I try to employ that methodology no matter where I shop when I can and Discount Firearms Dealer makes it easy with not only the best gun selection but all the parts, accessories, and gear I need too.
Exceptionally accurate pricing and information on guns and ammo. Prices very reasonable and usually fast service.
First time using Discount Firearms Dealer. Good experience with a well-reviewed seller. No problem and I have loved my gun.
I always enjoy shopping at because they have what I want for a low price, but on their website, it’s kind of hard to find what I need.
I've used Discount Firearms Dealer on many new purchases and I've been extremely happy with my experience.
Discount Firearms Dealer is the gold standard for online gun sales. Great sales. Promotes good Buyer communication.
The last 3 items I purchased through Discount Firearms Dealer were excellent experiences. Everything worked fine. Communication between buyer and seller was easy and effective. I feel that the sellers and I have become friends as well. That is how it should be!
I look for rare and unusual items, and Gunbroker makes it easy to find items I can't live without! Thank you for a job well done!
Discount Firearms Dealer is a very professional and well-organized entity. I never have had an inconvenience working with it. Congratulations!
I brought this model last week and put a few rounds through it. Performed great. Recoil is tolerable. This is the third Mossberg I've owned so far and I have not yet been let down. Work or home defense.! Even just shooting it at the range is fun.
Comfortable and light. A simple and basic operator. Point and shoot. Added a 20/8 barrel for more capp and increase insight radius
This gun is great and fun to shoot! Great home defense gun. I put over 50 rounds through it and haven't had any issues.
Great short barrel security shotgun! Ran 100 rounds the first weekend with no problems, which is to be expected being a pump shotgun. I don't hunt or shoot skeet, so spending $400+ on a shotgun would have been pointless for me. The price point on this gun is perfect. Just remember it doesn't have a chrome-lined barrel, so stay away from heavy steel shots.
I am very impressed with this shotgun. It's a real bargain. You get a lot for your money. The quality is good, and so far it has been reliable with every brand and type of ammunition I've run through it. The recoil is a little stiff, but I expected that, as the shotgun is pretty lightweight.
I originally bought this shotgun for home defense with the 18-inch barrel. I then decided to start hunting again so I bought a Mossberg 500 fully rifled barrel with a cantilever. I consistently shoot 3inch groups at 100 yards. I'm not an expert by any means but this thing has never failed me. I've put down plenty of deer with this gun. It loves the Remington accutips for sure. Overall great gun and highly customizable!
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