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Smith & Wesson 642LS LadySmith Double-Action Revolver


Designed for women to use in self-defense
No-snag, concealed carry design
Internal hammer, double-action only
Stainless steel and alloy construction
Ramp front sight and fixed rear sight
Wood laminate, finger-groove grips
5-shot, +P rated


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Smith & Wesson designed their LadySmitm line of firearms specifically for women to use in self-defense. The streamline, lightweight, no-snag design of the Model 642LS LadySmith double-action revolver makes it ideal for concealed carry use. The internal hammer of the 642LS eliminates the risk of the hammer getting snagged on pockets, purses, or clothing when drawing the weapon in a self-defense situation. In a pinch, the hammerless 642LS will shoot through a coat pocket or handbag. The low profile, ramp front sight, and fixed notch rear sight also aid in the snag-free presentation of the weapon. The 642LS is double-action only, making it an extremely fast personal-defensive handgun to deploy in stressful situations, as there is nothing to remember to do except point and pull the trigger. The inherently ergonomic design, and smooth, wood laminate, finger-groove grips aid in the gun’s natural pointability. The Model 642LS is built on Smith & Wesson’s famous J-Frame, it has a 5-shot cylinder rated for +P .38 Special ammunition. Stainless steel and alloy construction resist corrosion caused by humidity and perspiration when the revolver is carried close to the body. The Smith & Wesson 642LS LadySmith Double-Action Revolver carries easily, deploys rapidly, and has enough firepower to handle any self-defense scenario. Made in the USA.


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