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Ruger GP100 Match Champion Double-Action Revolver



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The Ruger® GP100® Match Champion™ is an enhanced version of the rugged and reliable standard GP100, making it optimal for competitive shooting in classes such as IDPA’s Stock and Enhanced Service Revolver. Ergonomic enhanced with a tuned action, the Match Champion delivers fast, accurate shots taking the GP100 to the next level of high performance revolvers. Ruger polishes all of the internal contact surfaces, which are held to extra tight tolerances, and has added a centering boss to the trigger and center shimmed the hammer to assure everything remains in precise alignment. All of this adds up to a silky smooth double-action trigger pull, and a single-action pull that breaks light and crisp, enhancing accuracy. Ruger also softened the contours on the Match Champion by using a half-lug, slab-sided barrel, and by beveling the front of the cylinder and barrel rib, making the revolver aesthetically pleasing and enabling it to slide into a holster with ease. The Hogue® Stippled hardwood grips, grip shape and grip angle on the Match Champion revolver handles recoil and enables shooters to point the gun naturally. The Match Champion features a Novak® Lo-Mount Carry rear sight and fiber optic front sight that enhance rapid sight acquisition, and a striated barrel rib reduces glare, assuring precise accuracy in any light condition. Ruger’s transfer bar mechanism provides an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge. The GP100 Match Champion is the ultimate revolver for competing in professional shooting matches, and also a practical choice for outdoorsmen and handgun hunters who demand the best.


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