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Parker Bows Red Hot Crossbow Lighted Capture Nock Red 3pk


Specifications and Features:
Parker Bows Red Hot Crossbow Lighted Capture Nock 383364
Ensure proper arrow string alignment
100% string containment
Increases accuracy
Avoid accidental crossbow dryfires
60% more material for added strength
Reduced serving wear
Weighs 28 grains
Lighted Red
3 Pack


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Parker is one of the largest most well known producers of compound bows and crossbows in the world today. They have built a reputation of quality and affordability to bring archery into the mainstream of everyday households. With innovative designs and cutting edge industry technology, Parker continues to lead the way for bow hunters and archery enthusiasts everywhere!

The Parker Red Hot Crossbow Lighted Capture Nock is a giant leap forward in nock technology! With 60 percent more material it increases strength and gives you 100 percent string containment to ensure proper arrow string alignment. This translates to increased accuracy and enhanced safety with reduced serving wear. The bright LED light gives new meaning to high visibility! Take your crossbow bolts to the next level Red Hot Capture Nocks.

Parker Hunter Arrows (2013 & up)
RED HOT arrows (2014 & up)
Other Crossbow Bolts with Inside Diameters of 0.300″.
Will Not Fit Carbon Express RED HOT arrows


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