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Bushmaster BA50 Bolt Action Rifle .50 BMG 30″ Lothar Walther Barrel, 10 Rounds, Magpul PRS Buttstock, Black Anodized Finish 90102


Specifications and Features:
Bushmaster BA50 bolt action rifle
.50 BMG
30″ free float Lothar Walther barrel
1:15″ twist
10 round magazine
T6-6061 aluminum lower receiver
T6-6061 extrusion upper receiver
Manganese phosphate-coated steel parts
Hard-anodized black aluminum parts
AAC Cyclops Brake
Mil-STD 1913 picatinny rail
Black vented free float forearm
Black ErgoGrip  deluxe tactical pistol grip
Black Magpul PRS adjustable buttstock with LimbSaver buttpad
Hard case
58″ overall length
30 lbs unloaded


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The Bushmaster BA50. where monstrous long-range power meets long-range accuracy. The ultimate long-range target rifle, the bolt-action Bushmaster BA50 harnesses the legendary force of the 50-caliber Browning Machine Gun cartridge and delivers it downrange with hair-splitting precision. It’s tuned for long-range accuracy with a free-floating barrel. Rearward force is dramatically reduced through the high-efficiency AAC Cyclops recoil-reducing brake, which also allows mounting of the AAC Cyclops .50 cal Suppressor. In fact, it exhibits recoil similar to a 243 Winchester. Bushmaster BA50 offers a full-length rifle with a 30″ barrel and a carbine featuring a 22″ barrel. Both come equipped with steel bipods with folding legs, and are easily disassembled for cleaning like standard AR-15 rifles. The Magpul PRS buttstock is fully adjustable, with a shock-absorbing LimbSaver recoil pad for enhanced comfort. All this, and they’re built to Bushmaster BA50 unsurpassed standards for durability and quality control. If the range can be measured in miles and your groups in fractions of an inch, your rifle is a Bushmaster BA50. A highly accurate, long-distance target rifle for those who want to shoot the ultimate rifle on the range. Shipped in a Storm hard case, with operator’s safety manual and two 10-round magazines. One-year Bushmaster BA50 warranty.

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Find the 50 Browning Machine Gun (BMG) cartridges you’re looking for right here at, the world’s largest online auction site dedicated to firearms, hunting, shooting, and accessories. We aim to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed 50 BMG purchase. Explore the history and uses of bmg 50 for sale, then browse the listings of our trusted sellers to make your purchase.

Historical Usage of 50 BMG Cartridges

The 50 BMG armor-piercing round was designed during World War I as anti-aircraft ammo for the Browning 50 caliber machine gun. Many years later, 50 BMG ammo was also chambered in high-powered rifles, and during World War II, the 50 BMG was used in M2 Browning machine guns. Because a 50 BMG round can penetrate most commercial brick walls and concrete cinder blocks, the United States military uses 50 BMG weapons for sniping purposes and to detonate unexploded ordnance from a safe distance. A fun fact about 50 BMG weaponry is that the longest-range sniper kills in history – around 2,500 to 3,000 yards – have been achieved with 50 BMG ammo. For example, a McMillan Tac-50 .50 BMG sniper rifle was used by Canadian Army Corporal Rob Furlong to achieve what was then the longest-range confirmed sniper kill in history when he shot a Taliban combatant from 2,430 meters (2,657 yards) away in 2002 during the Afghanistan War.

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50 Cal for sale

Extraordinarily powerful, with accuracy beyond comprehension, the 50 cal for sale is an elite weapon of which there is no comparison. These masterful firearms are made military tough by legendary manufacturers like Barrett and are available in multiple configurations to best suit your long-range shooting requirements. The 50 BMG rifle for sale is very well known for its extended range of capabilities and is the weapon of choice for military snipers. Now you can own a 50 cal sniper rifle in Black, FDE, or Tungsten, with top-tier features including fluted barrels, monopod and bipod attachments, suppressor-ready muzzle brakes, and Picatinny mounting systems. So, if you’re ready to join an elite club that includes some of the most top-rated marksmen in the world, choose your 50 bmg revolver rifle from the vast inventory available at Omaha Outdoors.

The 50 Browning Machine Gun (.50 BMG12.7×99mm NATO and designated as the 50 Browning by the is a 50 in (12.7 mm) caliber cartridge developed for the M2 Browning heavy machine gun in the late 1910s, entering official service in 1921. Under STANAG 4383, it is a standard service cartridge for NATO forces as well as many non-NATO countries. The cartridge itself has been made in many variants: multiple generations of regular balltracerarmor-piercing (AP), incendiary, and saboted sub-caliber rounds. The rounds intended for machine guns are made into a continuous belt using metallic links.

The 50 BMG cartridge is also used in anti-materiel rifles. A wide variety of ammunition is available, and the availability of match grade ammunition has increased the usefulness of .50 caliber rifles by allowing more accurate fire than lower quality rounds.

History of 50 BMG Ammo

Developed during the second decade of the 20th century and adopted into service ammunition in 1921, the 50 Browning Machine Gun (BMG) round is one of the most widely used service ammunition to date. Also known as the .50 Browning, the 12.7x99mm NATO round is used today across the globe. It’s currently listed as military ammunition for the U.S. and at least 30 other countries.

The 50 BMG spawned from an expanded .30-06 case, which gave the shell its rimless, bottleneck shape. The shoulder diameter of the casing measures .735 inch, with the base measuring at .804 inch. A 3.91-inch shell secures a jacketed lead bullet with a .510-inch diameter.

The full round measures 5.45 inches, making it a powerful and extremely deadly cartridge.

A #35 arsenal primer charges the ammunition. And its maximum pressure varies from 53,664 pounds per square inch (psi) to 60,481 psi, depending on the ammo’s purpose and user.

Bushmaster BA50 Black Bolt Action Rifle – 50 BMG

The Bushmaster BA50 Black Bolt Action Rifle – 50 BMG is built to outshine all previous standards for long-range accuracy. With a free-floated barrel with 1 in 15” twist and 8-groove rifling, the Bushmaster BA50 is ideally designed to harness optimal sub-MOA accuracy from the .50 BMG.

Product attributes:

  • Left-hand operated, right-hand eject bolt-action
  • 10-round box magazine
  • Simple assembly and maintenance
  • Upper locking receiver
  • Full-length Picatinny rail
  • Advanced Armament Corp Cyclops brake to reduce recoil
  • AA Cyclops Muzzle break
  • Includes Storm Hardcase
  • Steel Bipod with Folding Legs

Bushmaster BA50 Overview and History

To call the Bushmaster BA50 an interesting gun may be a bit of an understatement. Today, the weapon is mostly known for using AR-15 styling and construction to produce the power of a robust .50-Caliber BMG rifle. But, the way the BA50 came to be is perhaps just as fascinating as the weapon itself.

The idea of shooting a BMG 50 round with an AR-15 type of system traces its roots back as far as 2003 — over 15 years ago. At that time, Georgia-based company Cobb Manufacturing began to unveil its latest rifle, which they dubbed the Model 50A1. This weapon was using an AR-15 type gas to shoot a 50 BMG round. As they continued to develop the model, the weapon eventually became a bolt-action rifle that heavily featured AR-style elements. By that time, it was known as the Cobb FA50(T).

In early 2007, that gun was given the go-ahead to be put into limited production. The final version would be produced by Cobb Engineering and called the BA50. It came with a hefty price tag of around $7,000. The gun was featured on the cover of many tactical magazines. It could also be found in the service of both law enforcement and US allies around the world. Suffice to say, the gun was a hit. Ten years later the BA50 can be purchased for roughly $4,000.

In the later part of that same year — August 2007 — Bushmaster purchased Cobb outright, and moved the company’s production plant from Georgia to Maine. Two years after moving, Bushmaster welcomed an upgraded version of the firearm into their catalog. This gun, the BA50, was available in both a rifle and a carbine version.

In its rough-and-ready rifle structure, the Bushmaster BA50 has an overall length of 58 inches. By comparison, the carbine boasted a very compact 50-inch overall length and weighed in at only 27 pounds, making for an excellent squirrel gun.

The standard Bushmaster BA50 rifle variant used a Lothar Walther free-floating barrel. It featured 1-in-15 inch rifling, with a 30-inch example. On the other hand, the more compact carbine was just 22 inches — relatively small compared to its larger brother. And this difference in barrel length made quite a difference for the gun’s overall usability and maneuverability. The 8-inch difference trimmed about 10% of the total weight from the 30-pound rifle. Both the carbine and the rifle, however, came with an M1913 Picatinny top rail for optics. They also came standard with a bipod and a 10-round total capacity magazine. The BA50 additionally has one clever feature that allows the user to more firmly grasp the weapon: the bolt is left-handed during operation, but ejected to the right. This means that the shooter can use their right hand on the pistol grip throughout the entire cycling process.

Taking notes from the AR-15, the BA-50 is built with an upper and lower receiver. This opens on a forward pivot pin and uses the ever-popular AR-style safety, featuring a manual thumb lever on the left side. The receiver also includes a modified bolt carrier group. All of this creates a simple and straightforward takedown that allows the gun to be easily carried as two individual components.

Bushmaster no longer makes the BA50 rifle, but it’s still a popular gun and can sometimes be purchased from private sellers. The carbine version of the weapon was only in production for three short years and is a little more difficult to find. In 2011, Bushmaster pulled the plug on the carbine BA50. These shorter BMG-chambered guns have become collector’s items since then.

The Bushmaster BA50 is truly one of the world’s finest weapons for long-range accuracy. Inside and out, every piece of the firearm in optimized for just that. The free-floating barrel and 8-groove rifling are ideal for creating sub-MOA accuracy. Its design is simple, making the BA50 one of the most straightforward weapons to assemble, take down, and maintain. And due to its AR-style construction, the BA50 is hugely versatile. The Picatinny rail can accommodate a wide range of optics and other accessories.

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